Family, Community, and Opportunity


When caring for our families, many of us have concerns around healthcare, education, and protecting our aging population.


As someone living with a rare disease and purchasing healthcare through the public marketplace, I know first hand how our healthcare system is failing many of us and our families. I believe that all Delawareans deserve access to affordable healthcare regardless of any pre-existing conditions. I support a woman’s right to make healthcare decisions for herself in consultation with her healthcare provider, and I will defend her reproductive freedom.


Our children deserve the best. We need a more student focused plan that concentrates less on test scores and more on guiding every child to be the best that they can be. In order to produce successful productive citizens, our public education system must provide more than just academic training to support every student on their diverse journeys.

I’ve attended many Education Committee and other related meetings over the past year, and it is obvious that our current system is broken. It’s time that we stop talking and begin taking action to address the issues of our current infrastructure and to ensure that teachers are empowered and provided the means to successfully educate our children.

Funding Reform is a top priority; referendums are not the answer. Schools should not have to fight for referendums to pass year after year to fund their basic needs. Funding must be adjusted/weighted to provide for the extraordinary needs of some students and not just based on a unit count. As an active member of the advisory group for Friends of Christina School District (FOCSD), I have fought to address these issues and will continue to do so as State Representative.


In Delaware, retirees make up approximately 18% of the state’s population. The number of senior citizens has increased by 44.2% over the past decade. As a community, we need to ensure that we are preparing for this shift and have the needed infrastructure and services in place to support our seniors.


We are all interested in a thriving, safe place to live, work, and play.

Open space and land use

We are fortunate to live in a community with beautiful parks and open spaces, and it is critical to our environment and health to maintain these areas. Some development is inevitable and beneficial to our community. I will work closely with GHADA (Greater Hockessin Area Development Association), PCVCL (Pike Creek Valley Civic League), and other organizations to ensure responsible development and preserve our community.

Roads and infrastructure

District 22 has more roads than any other area in New Castle County. Maintaining these roads and other important infrastructure requires significant funding and involvement. I will be available to address neighbors’ concerns and will be your advocate in the legislature to ensure that we receive necessary allocations to keep our roads safe.

Community safety

I applaud all of our first responders for their selfless work and dedication. Being the fiance of a volunteer firefighter, I fully understand the commitment of these brave men and women. As a rise in crime, the opioid epidemic, COVID, and other issues increase the demands on our police, fire, and paramedics, I will fight to support our first responders and their needs to allow them to continue to protect our community.

In light of recent events, I would like to share some additional information. I have participated in peaceful protests and rallies in support of Black Lives Matters and believe that we need a basic shift in the current culture of policing. Our State and local Police officers put their lives on the line everyday to protect us and should be respected. With that respect comes responsibility. The use of excessive force is unacceptable and transparency is imperative. Unfortunately, the actions of some overshadow the good of many. We need to ensure that guidelines are clear, training is current, and necessary resources are available for all of those in law enforcement. We need to partner law enforcement with counselors, mental health professionals, drug rehab resources, and others that provide knowledgeable assistance for defusing non-violent crimes. Police and citizens need to be acting together to establish a safer and more supportive community for all.

Gun safety

I am a responsible gun owner and I support common-sense gun legislation. Common-sense laws, while not the solution to stop crime, have the potential to save many innocent lives without infringing on the rights of those that choose to own fire arms. The recently-passed safe storage legislation is a promising start. I will support efforts to ban ghost guns, require permit to purchase, and limit high-capacity magazines.

Environment and climate change

Climate change is a real threat to our environment and our future that must be addressed. I will encourage all efforts to protect our environment and implement green energy solutions in our state.


Every Delawarean should be able to have a good-paying job.


All Delawareans deserve fair compensation for their work. I support the right of workers to collectively bargain for fair wages and safe working conditions. Many residents currently work full-time for minimum wage leaving them well below the poverty line and struggling for basic needs. It is time for a reasonable, living wage.

Small business

Small businesses account for nearly half of Delaware’s economy. In District 22, small businesses are the backbone of our community. As a former small business owner, I recognize the struggles and respect the dedication required for success. I continue to advocate for small businesses and work to facilitate their continued success in our community.


Our government should work for us and be accountable to us.


As your State Representative, I'll be voting on hundreds of pieces of legislation. For each of those votes, I'll publish an article explaining the bill, any inside details of the politics around it, as well as why I voted the way that I did. If you disagree with my vote, you'll have all of that as a starting point to begin a discussion with me.

Other Interests

Life experience has brought these issues to a very personal place for me, and I look forward to increasing awareness and igniting positive change.

  • Animal protections and rights

  • Family law equality and protection

I believe in inclusion, equality, and respect. I am committed to working with any elected officials, community advocates, and concerned Delawareans on legislation that makes sense for our community and our state.